John Lucas III And Francisco Garcia Put Up Fists In Near Fight (Video)

The end of the Rockets-Jazz game Monday night looked like it was about to turn into a boxing match as Jazz’s John Lucas III and Rockets’ Francisco Garcia squared off and put up their fists in a near fight.  It all stemmed from a Lucas steal off of Isaiah Canaan who was trying to dribble out the clock of a 38-point win, 124-86. Garcia pushed Lucas as time expired and the scuffle ensued:

video via Clutch Fans

Dream chasin'

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  1. Justin

    03/18/2014 at 3:09 PM

    I’m a die-hard Jazz fan, but that move by Lucas was 100% classless. You don’t steal the ball (& then try to push for a score) from a team that is dribbling out the clock in a blow-out win. (Just like you don’t shoot the ball if you are the team ahead.) Once it happened though, the refs screwed up by not even seeing the bump by Garcia (should have been called a foul), which lead to JLIII pretending like he actually wanted to fight, jumping around & barking (while he made sure to keep his distance from Garcia). Still…. classless move from a guy who doesn’t even have the skills to occupy an NBA roster spot.

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