Report: Jason Kidd Losing Nets Locker Room, Players Don’t Understand Their Roles

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, several Nets players have reportedly told head coach Jason Kidd multiple times that they don’t understand their roles and Kidd is losing the locker room as the losses continue to pile up.

More than once, sources said, players have stood in the locker room and told Kidd they don’t understand their roles, that there’s confusion about their principles. When the Nets players keep insisting they don’t have a team identity, they’re offering code words for Kidd’s inability to give them clear structure, organization and vision.

[...] For all the stories about Kidd’s grandstanding speeches in the locker room, calling out players in private and public, make no mistake: He’s losing these Nets the way Scott lost Kidd a decade ago. Eventually, the players need a plan, need substance. There’s no faster way to lose a locker room than calling Kevin Garnett a quitter.

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