Gilbert Arenas Says He’s Going To Attempt An NBA Comeback Next Season

Gilbert Arenas, 31, who last played in the NBA for the Memphis Grizzlies (17 games) in 2011-12 says he is going to attempt a comeback next season.  In an interview with Bleacher Report about his involvement in a new mobile music app called “Zya,” Arenas identified the Knicks, Nets, Bulls and Lakers as teams he believes could be a good fit.

According to Bleacher Report:

Bleacher Report: Is there anything else you see yourself pursuing down the line, in or outside the game of basketball?

Gilbert Arenas: Yeah, right now I’m just developing apps. Next summer, I’m going to train really hard and then try to make a team. I’m going to try to comeback.


B/R: What would you tell NBA teams about what you can still bring to the table?

GA: I would rather just show them. All they would have to do is give me an opportunity to perform in front of them. You know, I’m a gamer. I work hard. If I’m going to come to your team, or try out for your team, I’m going to give you my all. That’s what I did [when I played].

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