LeBron James Says Dwyane Wade Will Get The ‘Kobe Deal’

LeBron James says teammate Dwyane Wade will get the “Kobe deal” when he faces free agency next summer. Kobe will make $48.5 million over the next two seasons after signing a new contract extension with the Lakers. Will D.Wade renegotiate for big money or take another pay cut to give the Heat more room to go after more talent?

According to ESPN Miami:

LeBron James answered for him.

“D-Wade is getting that Kobe deal,” James said from the next locker.

Wade, knowing the gravity of this issue, smiled and shook his head. Then he gave a more diplomatic answer.

“When I get into that position, it’s something I’ll think about,” Wade said. “You have to sit down at the time and see what is best for you and for your team.”

Dream chasin'

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