Brandon Jennings Disses Chris Smith, J.R. Smith Responds

Brandon Jennings called out Chris Smith on Twitter Wednesday while complimenting friends who play ball overseas, “Wait, wait, wait JR smith brother is in the NBA but @PoohJeter & BBROWNLAU isn’t.  Call me hater but not Rollin!!!”  He later deleted the Tweet, thankfully Holly MacKenzie from Sportsnet retweeted it before the fact.



J.R. Smith, who was playing against the Hawks at the time of the tweet, must have received word after the game as he sent out a few combative messages, calling Brandon Jennings, without mentioning his name, a “lil kid” for deleting his tweet and also included a line about sending out some “Number street homies” to “put Detroit on smash for a min!”


Dream chasin'


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  2. afannaz

    11/14/2013 at 11:32 PM

    you’d have to first be able to understand what smith said/meant before you could respond. slanglish is the new english language…not!

    too much punk, not enough brain cells on so many of these guys. god help them when they’re interviewed. many aren’t smart enough to construct a logical sentence. and NBA players,”don’t press send”, so your stupidity stops spewing out all over everybody!

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