Nate Robinson Says He Could’ve Been One Of The Best NFL Cornerbacks Ever

Nuggets guard, Nate Robinson, played just one season as a defensive back for the University of Washington, but he believes if he gave up basketball and stuck with it, he’d be one of the best cornerbacks the NFL has ever seen.

“To me it’d be scary to think about my future in football. If I really gave it my all & stopped focusing on basketball, gave everything I have on football, i’d probably be one of the best corners the NFL has ever seen.”

On where he’d fit in with his hometown Seahawks:

“I don’t know, I’d be pretty damn good though. If I was in the NFL i’d probably be at least first or second best DB in the NFL.”

“One, two or three I’d say. (Darrelle) Revis is pretty solid, Patrick Peterson is pretty solid & you got my man (Richard) Sherman holding it down. It’d be a tough position.”

Due to LeBron’s recent comments, saying “I wanna play one NFL game before it’s over,” Nate posted this photo to Instagram of him trying to break up a pass to James, playing for his hometown Browns.

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