Shaq Says Dwight Howard Hasn’t Improved During His 9 Years In The League

In a recent interview with USA Today,¬†Shaquille O’Neal was asked if Dwight Howard can take the Rockets to the next level. Shaq said he doesn’t think so, also adding that the 27-year-old center hasn’t improved during his nine years in the league.

“I don’t think so. I don’t think so. Believe it or not, it ain’t about him. But if he leads by good example and the others follow, they could be dangerous. They could be dangerous, but he’s in his what, ninth or 10th year? He’s been the same all those 10 years, so can he get better while working with (Rockets aide and Hall of Fame big man) Hakeem (Olajuwon)? Is that going to take him to the next level? I’m not sure….

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