Mark Jackson And Warriors Front Office Members Play Basketball With Inmates At Prison

Warriors head coach Mark Jackson teamed up with Golden State Warriors GM Bob Myers, assistant coach Brian Scalabrine (his participation may explain this Media Day photo) and other members of the coaching staff and front office including to play a pickup game against inmates at the San Quentin Prison in California on September 20, 2013.

Mark Jackson spoke about the experience with Inside Bay Area:

“It’s basketball, but, for the most part, this is about impacting lives,” Jackson says.

[...]“I just want people to know these are regular folks that made a mistake, some greater than others,” says Jackson, panting as he leaves the court. “They deserve to have somebody put an arm around ‘em, high-five ‘em, and remind ‘em that life ain’t over.

“People say stuff like, ‘Be careful in there.’ I just want folks to understand that these are our brothers, our cousins, our uncles and our dads.”

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