Taj Gibson Gained 15 Pounds Of Muscle And Worked On 3-Point Shot In Offseason


Bulls power forward Taj Gibson says he’s gained 15 pounds of muscle heading into the 2013-14 season and that he has been working on adding a 3-point shot into his game. Gibson has made 1 career three on 12 attempts over 4 seasons.

According to ESPN Chicago:

“Being in the playoffs the last couple years, it gets more and more physical. I put on a ton of weight. Mostly I went out (to California) and just lifted, worked out with Derrick (Rose). I’m 240 (pounds) now…”

Aside from the added bulk, Gibson has been working on a 3-point shot that he wants to add to his repertoire this season.

“The coaches want me to do it,” Gibson said. “Even Derrick (Rose) wanted me to shoot it…”

Dream chasin'

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