TNT Analyst Steve Kerr Predicts A Bulls Vs Thunder 2014 NBA Finals

In a recent interview with Bleacher Report, TNT analyst and 5x NBA champion, Steve Kerr, was asked to give his early 2014 NBA Finals prediction. Kerr doesn’t think Miami will pull off the three-peat, noting that it will be “too tough psychically and mentally”, and instead predicted a Thunder-Bulls Finals matchup.

“I don’t think Miami is going do it. I don’t think they’re going win three in a row. I think it’s going be too tough psychically and emotionally – so it’s wide open. You got the Pacers and the Bulls in the East, who I think are both going be good. In the West, between San Antonio, Golden State, Memphis, Houston with Dwight Howard, if I had to predict who I think would be in the Finals, I would probably go off the board and say Chicago and Oklahoma City…”


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