Blake Griffin Says He’s Not Soft, Willing To Prove It Off The Court

Blake Griffin says he’s not soft in response to teammate Chauncey Billups going on record to call him “too nice” of a basketball player last month on ESPN’s First Take.  In fact, he goes on to say he’d be willing to prove it to any doubters — off the court.

According to ESPN:

Blake Griffin said in an interview with ESPN that he’s not worried if he is being labeled as soft around the NBA and is willing to prove that he’s not to his detractors in the league — off the court.

“I’ve never really worried about being called soft or people thinking I’m soft,” the Los Angeles Clippers’ star power forward said. “If anybody wants to step and take that challenge I’m more than happy — off the court — because I don’t want to get suspended. It’s not something that I dwell on. I’ve never really had a problem with being soft.”

Dream chasin'


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