Report: Marcus Camby Has Asked Raptors For Buyout Or Trade

The Knicks’ trade of Marcus Camby and Steve Novak to the Raptors for Andrea Bargnani can’t be inked officially until July 10, but Camby, 39, has reportedly already asked the Raptors for a buyout or trade so he can become a free agent and join a contender.

According to the NY Post:

Marcus Camby isn’t officially a Raptor yet, but has already asked for either a buyout or trade so he can join a contending club and could soon be on the free-agent market, The Post has learned.

Camby has two years and roughly $7.6 million left on his Knicks contract. But of his final-season wage of $4.2M, only $1.2M is guaranteed. Camby has no plans to retire, according to his agent Rick Kaplan.

Dream chasin'


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