LeBron James & The Heat Celebrate NBA Championship, Part 3 Feat. Meek Mill, T.I. & Jamie Foxx

For the third consecutive night, LeBron James and the Miami Heat celebrated their NBA championship – this time at Liv nightclub. Meek Mill, T.I., Jamie Foxx and 2006 Heat champion, Alonzo Mourning, were all in the building to celebrate the Heat’s second consecutive championship.




Meek Mill


2006 NBA champ, Alonzo Mourning


LeBron & Jamie Foxx

heat6 heat7


Screen shot 2013-06-25 at 5.00.30 PM

LeBron attempts to grab a champagne bottle…

Started from the bottom:

T.I. gives a S/O to LeBron James

Meek Mill & T.I.

Jamie Foxx performs, via Jim Ice:

photos via WorldRedEye

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