Roy Hibbert Says ‘Motherf—-ers’ & ‘No Homo’ During Game 6 Postgame Press Conference

Roy Hibbert took a colorful shot at the media during his postgame press conference and should expect a hefty fine following the Pacers Game 6 91-77 win. When asked about finishing 10th in voting for Defensive Player of the Year, Hibbert responded:

“Y’all motherf—-ers [media] don’t watch us play throughout the year to tell you the truth…I’m going to be real with you and I don’t care if I get fined. We play and we’re not on TV all of the time and reporters are the ones voting and it is what it is.”

It didn’t stop there, when discussing guarding LeBron, Roy Hibbert used the slang phrase “no homo”:

“I really felt that I let Paul down in terms of having his back when Lebron was scoring in the post or getting to the paint cause he was stretching me out so much… no homo…”

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