Metta World Peace Says Dwight Howard’s Joking Nature Bothered Him At First

Metta World Peace joined ABC 7 for their postgame show following Game 4 between the Warriors and Spurs on Sunday afternoon where he discussed the past season with the Lakers and adjusting to new teammate, Dwight Howard and his humorous approach on the basketball court.

According to ABC 7 and transcribed by Lakers Nation:

“At first it did. When I first met Dwight in our first practices together and our first games in the regular season I was like, ‘he’s joking a little bit too much.’ But then I decided not to judge people and I decided to work with my teammates — so as I got into more games with Dwight — I did see him working really hard, blocking shots, playing with a back injury, but he was still playing hard. So then I said, ‘you know what, we just have to work with what we have.’ But at first, it was a little bit frustrating.”

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