Rajon Rondo Talks ACL Injury & Rehab

Rajon Rondo sat down with ESPN’s Hannah Storm for a Sunday Conversation segment to talk about his ACL injury and his current rehab process.  For the first time, Rondo detailed how he didn’t realize he had a serious injury until 30 minutes prior to the Celtics playing the Heat on January 27, hearing about his injury on the radio, getting back to the basics in training and his rehab moving forward.  His only fear? “Doing it again.”


On the actual play that resulted in the season-ending injury:

I jumped up and made a pass, I didn’t hear a pop.  I just thought when I came down, that I came down too early. Thought I hyperextended my leg, thought I could play through it and didn’t think it was a season-ending injury.

On what transpired 30 minutes prior to tip-off with the Heat:

I wanted to play against the Heat that day, that Sunday, and I thought I was playing. But until like maybe 30 minutes on the clock, you know, I did my ritual, my routine and I got in the shower and something was telling me this doesn’t feeling right.

On leaving from the MRI and hearing the results on the radio:

So, on a Sunday the hospital was closed, but I went and got an MRI. And on the way back, I heard on the radio, they were like ‘Rondo may have a torn ACL,’ I’m like, ‘How does he know it…we just got the results, there’s no way possible…’ I had just left the hospital and just got the results.



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