Stephen Jackson Responds To Being On Forbes’ ‘NBA’s Most Overpaid Players’ List


On Friday, Forbes featured Stephen Jackson on a list of the NBA’s most overpaid players. A reporter at the Spurs’ shootaround this morning asked Jackson if he had a comment on it, and the twelve-year veteran had fun with it, calling out former teammate, Jim McIlvaine, for robbing the league.

Forbes Magazine ranked the 10 most overpaid players in the NBA and you’re on the list, number eight. Do you have a comment on that?

No. I’ve been underpaid my whole career, so you do the math…Who cares. Whether they think that or not, still getting paid almost $10 million this year.

On Dirk Nowitzki and Carmelo Anthony being on the list:

That don’t make no sense. I can name at least 10 people that’s overpaid. One of the worst of all time, and I played with him, Jim McIlvaine. He robbed the league with no mask, no type of weapon, he just went in there and said give me all the $99 million or something and played one year in Seattle and New Jersey. Jim McIlvaine should be number one. At least I got a championship.

On a Forbes Magazine business writer making the list:

Oh, really? Somebody that’s dying inside, probably.

Well I’m happy to be on that list. If Dirk Nowitzki and Carmelo Antony are on that list. I’m doing a great job. My life is going in the right direction.

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