Lamar Odom’s Charity Accused Of Misusing Funds

After losing his mother to stomach cancer nine years ago, Lamar Odom started the charity Cathy’s Kids. While Odom promised the charity, named after his late mother, would both “help causes that are focused on finding a cure and helping people who suffer from the disease” and “ensure that funds are available for under-privileged youth that live in the inner cities of New York and Los Angeles,” it seems as though he’s only stayed true to one of those goals. An ESPN investigation found that Cathy’s Kids has never given a cent to cancer-related causes.

According to Paula Lavigne, ESPN:

In 2004, Odom founded Cathy’s Kids, named after his mother who the NBA forward says died from cancer. But eight years of tax records reveal that Cathy’s Kids never gave any grant money to cancer-related causes and that the charity primarily existed to finance two elite youth basketball travel teams. Of the $2.2 million raised by the charity, at least 60 percent — $1.3 million — went to those AAU teams.

The only paid executive was Jerry DeGregorio, now an assistant coach with the Golden State Warriors. He was Odom’s high school coach and best man in his wedding to reality TV star Khloe Kardashian. As secretary of Cathy’s Kids from 2004 through 2011, DeGregorio made a median annual salary of about $72,000, while the charity operated at a loss since its inception…


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