Kobe Bryant’s Wife Shares Photo Of His Sprained Ankle

Vanessa Bryant shared a photo through her Instagram account of her husband’s “severely sprained ankle” late Wednesday night after the Lakers loss to the Hawks.  In the photo you can see an obvious swollen lump on around the bone of the left ankle. Kobe rolled his ankle on the feet of Dahntay Jones after attempting a game-tying jumper in the closing seconds of the fourth quarter. After the game, Bryant deemed Jones’ defensive play, which caused his injury, intentional and dangerous. He’s been ruled “out indefinitely” by the Lakers.


Dream chasin'


  1. Dangerous Dante

    03/14/2013 at 10:14 AM

    League needs to address dangerous plays( especially PLAYERS) and fine/suspend appropriately.. not protecting their players (GRIFFIN/IBACA)just makes me want to NEVER support STERN and the NBA sham it is.

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