Stacey King On Bulls Plane Trouble: We Thought We Were Going To Go Down

The Bulls experienced a scare last Saturday night when their plane to Indiana had to land back in Chicago after 10 minutes in when one of the engines caught on fire.  Bulls color TV commentator, Stacey King, who was on the plane with the team, explained the scary incident and actually thinking the charter was going to “go down” on ESPN Radio’s “Waddle & Silvy”:

I’ve never been so scared in my life…We were taking off to go to Indianapolis and we heard a loud ‘boom’ while we were on the runway to take off. Once we got up in the air, we were probably up there about 10 minutes and then we heard about 2 or 3 big, loud ‘boom’s’ and then we saw some flames shoot from one of the engines. And then, the plane kind of dropped, you know, if you’ve ever been on a roller coaster and you know how your stomach kind of goes up as you start to go down? That’s the kind of feeling we got. Honestly, it was really scary and we thought we were going to go down. They turned us back around and got us back to the airport…our pilots did a good job of getting us back down and they had 2 engines left so we weren’t really in any kind of danger as far as doing a nosedive or anything, it was just, whenever you see flames coming out of an engine, that’s a little bit scary.”

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