Danilo Gallinari Not Cool With DeMarcus Cousins Disrespecting Him

Danilo Gallinari and DeMarcus Cousins got into a heated exchange during Tuesday night’s game in Sacramento after the Kings center pushed Gallinari to the floor. Gallinari went to complain to the referees, but instead ended up approaching Cousins. The two had to be separated by teammates and referees. Gallinari said he’s cool with trash talking “as long as you don’t disrespect”, but Cousins went out of the “respect area,” something he did not appreciate.

According to Jonathan Santiago, Cowbell Kingdom (h/t Hoopshype):

Gallinari on addressing the referees about Cousins’ trash talk:

“When you do trash talking, as long as you don’t disrespect, I’m cool with that. But he was disrespecting me, thats why I approached him. I never approached nobody who wants to trash talk to me. I like that, I love that. But that has to be in the respect area. If you go out of the respect area, it doesn’t work with me so that’s why I wanted to talk to the ref.” 

Gallinari refused to elaborate on what Cousins said, citing his Italian background as a cultural divide in the trash talk.


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