Inappropriate Text Leaks Between J.R. Smith And High School Senior

J.R. Smith is no stranger to controversy. Last season, he sent out a Twitpic of half naked model, Tahiry, which he was later fined $25K for. This summer he was arrested for driving without a license, and photographed smoking weed in the same week.

It seems 2013 was yearning for some J.R. drama.  According to Deadspin, while on a road trip to Philadelphia on January 26th, Smith was messaged by a girl in high school who expressed she would be attending the Knicks game in Philly that night. Most likely not expecting a response, nearly 3 hours later, Smith hit her back with an inappropriate, but given his track record, unsurprising inquiry.


J.R. took to Twitter/Instagram as soon as he got wind of the message being leaked…



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