Kobe Bryant & The Lakers Pay Tribute To Jerry Buss At Staples Center

busschairThe Los Angeles Lakers illuminated Jerry Buss’ chair in his empty suite on Wednesday night and held a touching tribute prior to Wednesday night’s matchup with the Celtics. Kobe Bryant took the mic at halfcourt and proclaimed his appreciation for “the greatest owner in sports, ever” saying:

“He was a brilliant and incredible owner, but even a better person with a great heart…His vision has transcended the game and we are all, all spoiled by his vision & by his drive to win year after year after year.”

The Lakers also portrayed a moving tribute on the jumbotron set to the tune of Greenday’s “Time of Your Life”:

“Im going to miss him…the man meant so much to me” said an emotional Magic Johnson as ESPN cut back to the studio, “this city loves the Lakers and adores the Lakers because of Dr. Jerry Buss and his vision”:

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