Gregg Popovich Reportedly Cursed Out Dwight Howard During All-Star Game

Dwight Howard reportedly made jokes at the expense of teammate, Kobe Bryant during All-Star weekend, but that wasn’t his only incident. It has now emerged that Howard may have even taken the All-Star game too casually and had “a few f-bombs” thrown his way from Gregg Popovich.

Stephen A. Smith on ESPN radio:

Then this past weekend, at All-Star weekend – I haven’t seen anyone report it, so I guess I’ll be the first.

Coach Gregg Popovich dropped a few f-bombs in Dwight Howard’s direction, during All-Star break. Now, why is that guys? Because, during the timeout, Gregg Popovich drew up a play for Dwight Howard in the game…except when it was time to run the play, Dwight Howard wasn’t in the game, wasn’t paying attention, was on the bench in his warm ups chillin out socializing with folks, and Gregg Popovich almost went ballistic, and basically was cussing at him according to numerous people I spoke to since this weekend.

So, all of that speaks to the focus, or lack there of, that the Kobe Bryant’s and others have alluded to with their comments over the last few months. You can’t have something like that. It’s an All-Star game and you have Gregg Popovich upset at you.

h/t Real GM

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