Andrew Bynum Isn’t Sure He’ll Make Season Debut This Month

While Andrew Bynum hoped to return “right after the All-Star break“, that’s looking more and more unlikely. The Sixers center has changed his tune after experiencing some pain over the weekend and isn’t sure if he’ll make his season debut this month.

According to Bob Cooney, Philly Daily News:

“I started to do basketball work,” he said. “I think I worked out for 2 days on the court and then I had a lot of pain so we backed down a little bit (Monday)…

I’m not sure (about debuting this month), it’s all going to depend on if we get a setback or not. Right now things are going well, I’m losing weight (down to 305 lbs.) and I’m staying on the court as long as I can, so that’s good.”

“I’m not very optimistic,” Bynum admitted. “When I get on the court, that’s when I want to be ready. I’m trying as hard as I can. It would suck to play through pain but sometimes you have to. Not actually (going through) contact. I went through some drills with teammates and stuff but no contact.”

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