Dirk, Mavericks Won’t Shave Until They Get Back To .500

Watch your back James Harden, there’s a dozen new beards in town! After a win over the Trail Blazers on Wednesday night, Dirk Nowitzki revealed he and his teammates are not going to shave until the 21-28 Mavs get back to .500 (Photo).

According to The Two Man Game:

“We’re not going to shave until we’re back to .500. It’s been rough and there’s been some itching going around. Since we’re still down seven games below .500, that’s a long way to go.”

According to Tim MacMahon, ESPN:

O.J. Mayo and Vince Carter, who sport beards anyway, were the originators of the idea.

Dahntay Jones, Chris Kaman and Jae Crowder soon agreed to be part of the beards pact. It’s difficult to tell with Crowder, a rookie second-round pick who can’t grow anything close to a full beard.

“Kaman looks like a freakin’ grizzly,” Carter said. “We were just like, ‘Let’s do it,’ and guys were all in. Crowder’s trying.”

Dream chasin'


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