Sources: Dwight Howard Aware Rockets Have Become More Attractive Destination

Dwight Howard made it clear that he wanted a trade to one of three teams during last season’s Dwightmare saga – the Brooklyn Nets, Los Angeles Lakers, or Dallas Mavericks. While the Houston Rockets were interested, Howard didn’t have the same interest and was not likely to re-sign with them. But things are different now.

The new-look Rockets have just four players remaining from last season’s roster, and have done a good job building a young team that can compete for years to come. With the addition of Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik in the offseason, and the blockbuster deal that landed them James Harden, the Rockets have become a much more attractive destination, and according to sources, free-agent to be Dwight Howard is fully aware of what’s going on in Houston.

According to Chris Broussard, ESPN:

Of the Lakers’ three free-agent competitors, Houston appears to be the most favorable for Howard. Dallas is aging, and Howard is not keen on playing in his hometown of Atlanta. Houston, on the other hand, has star guard James Harden and is only a frontcourt star away from becoming a legitimate factor in the Western Conference.

While Howard had no interest in going to Houston last season, sources say he is aware the Rockets have become a more attractive destination since acquiring Harden.


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