Doc Rivers, Heat Weigh In On Ray Allen’s Return To Boston


Ray Allen will return to TD Garden Sunday night for the first time since leaving his team of 5 years and joining the rival Miami Heat. While Allen thinks “once the dust settles” fans will be able to appreciate what he did for the Celtics, there’s a good chance he will not get a good reception when he returns to Boston to take on his former squad. Here’s what Doc and some of the Heat players had to say about his return:

According to Chris Tomasson, FOX Sports Florida:

Ray Allen: “My (feeling) toward (the situation) doesn’t change regardless of how they respond toward me…I have great memories. I played in some big games and won some big games, and we’ve had some tough moments. I’ll always cherish those moments and have warm thoughts. So, regardless of how they respond to me, it won’t change how I feel.

On if he’ll be appreciated by Celtics fans one day: “Yeah, I think once the dust settles…When we look at what we were able to accomplish, just the winning we did.”

Doc Rivers: “He made a business decision…But he helped us win a championship. I hope he gets a good round of applause when he’s here. He did a lot for this franchise.”

LeBron James: “I don’t expect it to be good…If you don’t wear green, in that building they don’t like you.”

Chris Bosh: “Boos,” Bosh said of what Allen will get. “Who on this team has gotten cheers when they went back? Nobody. I don’t really see it starting now.”

Shane Battier: “[Ray getting a good reception is] not going to happen,” Battier said. “I promise you that… It will be typical Boston. Probably not a whole lot of things fit to print.”

Erik Spoesltra: “I think everybody in that city, when they can be objective and step away from it, they really appreciate Ray and everything he was able to accomplish with that group.”

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