Iman Shumpert Throws Shade At Stephen Jackson Who Responds


Remember when Stephen Jackson threatened Serge Ibaka on Twitter and got fined 25K? Iman Shumpert does.  In an interview with Complex Magazine talking about his newly released mixtape, the Knicks guard was asked if he had any plans to record any diss tracks about other NBA rappers, and he had one particular baller in mind who he says will inevitably have to be confronted on the mic for “running his mouth a lot”:

You don’t feel like throwing any shots at these NBA rap cats?

I think that Stephen Jackson’s been running his mouth a lot and I think that at some point it’s going to have to be confronted (on the mic), but right now I’m not worried about it.

Nothing gets passed Jackson, who tweeted a screen shot of the interview question and simply mentioned Iman Shumpert’s Twitter handle in the tweet:


Shump hasn’t given a reply back, and probably won’t seeing as he’s “not worried about it”.

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