LeBron To Charles Barkley: Shut Up

Last Thursday night during the Heat/Knicks clash on TNT, Charles Barkley had harsh criticism for Dwyane Wade.  As his statistics began to decline, Barkley called out Wade on national TV and said after seeing him play live this season that he believes the All-Star has slowed down and is “starting to lose his athletic ability”. Since that game, Wade has had back-to-back great performances, shooting a combined 21-for-25 in the 2 wins.  After the efforts LeBron James came to the defense of his BFF and has some advice for Charles Barkley and his latest critique: Shut up.

According to The Sun-Sentinel

 ”It means Charles Barkley needs to shut up,” James said. ”I mean, the man’s shooting 80 percent from the floor in the last couple games. Come on, man. That’s like crazy, right? That’s why who he is.”

Dream chasin'


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