Victor Cruz Says J.R. Smith’s Salsa Dance Needs Work

Following J.R. Smith’s game-winning shot in Charlotte Wednesday night, the Knicks guard celebrated with the salsa dance (Video) made famous by Giants wide receiver, and friend, Victor Cruz. Cruz, who played AAU ball with J.R. growing up, caught the game and has some pointers on how Smith can improve his dance moves:

“When he hit it I almost jumped off the couch and then when he was coming off the court I saw him do the salsa and I was like ‘Oh man,’” Cruz said. “I was waiting for my phone to blow up and literally four seconds after that my phone started going crazy.”

“We got to go to the drawing board a little bit, it was a little stiff at the end,” Cruz joked. “We’ll get that squared away.”

“It’s good to see,” Cruz said. “It’s not every day you hit a game-winner and he gets to salsa on them a little bit. I was happy for him.”

via ESPN


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