Deron Williams: I Feel Like I’m Letting My Team Down

Deron Williams is playing through a sprained wrist that he hurt when bracing his fall from that Blake Griffin block a few weeks back. He re-aggravates it every game, which may be contributing to his career low shooting this season of 38%, down from 45%. Williams won’t use the injury excuse, but he feels he’s letting his teammates down and says he must play better.

According to Newsday:

“It’s not my wrist, man. It’s my confidence. I’ve just got to play better. Injuries or not, I’ve got to play better…I feel like I’m letting my team down,” he said. “I feel like I’m not doing enough to help us win. So when we are winning, I’m happy we won, but I still feel like crap that I played bad, and when I lose, it sits with me for a couple of days.”

Dream chasin'

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