Reggie Evans Becomes First NBA Player To Be Fined For Flopping

Reggie Evans of the Brooklyn Nets has made history. He is the first NBA player to commit 2 flops, therefore, be fined $5,000. He was warned on November 15th for a flop against the Boston Celtics’ rookie Jared Sullinger, and finally fined the 5K for Tuesday night’s flop on Lakers’ forward, Metta World Peace, who commented on the play after the game on Twitter.  Not really a surprise, as Evans was the poster boy for the NBA flopping rule video that was sent out when the rule was initiated.

According to

Reggie Evans of the Brooklyn Nets violated the league’s anti-flopping rules for the second time during the Nets vs. Lakers game on Nov. 20. For this violation, he has been fined $5,000.

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