Dirk Nowitzki Out Until At Least Mid-December

Dirk Nowitzki addressed the media on Tuesday to give an update on the knee he had surgery on October 19. He indicated that while he would like to get back to basketball activities in 2 weeks, it will not be until at least mid-December before he steps into a Mavs uniform. He did make note that despite the urge, he wants to return when his knee is completely free of swelling and pain before he comes back.  The Mavs are an even 6-6 without their All-Star forward.

According to the Dallas News:

“I think I’m still about two weeks out before even getting on the court and start working out, start running, start shooting,” he said. “That would put me right at six weeks before I get on the court. By that point, I’m assuming I need a good week or two to get in halfway decent playing shape running and shooting and doing all sorts of stuff.

“I was obviously hoping to cut that time a lot shorter. It’s been a frustrating time for me, especially watching and nothing I can really do. So there’s been some hard days, some frustrating days.

Dream chasin'


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