Rondo: I’d Beat [Ray Allen] In A Race Running Backwards

Rajon Rondo made an appearance on Boston’s WEEI radio on Thursday where the conversation turned into one about Olympic gold-medal sprinter, Usain Bolt. Bolt, who attended the Heat-Celtics season opener at American Airlines Arena, shouldn’t get too comfortable, because Rondo thinks he can give him a run for him money.

When asked if he was serious about comments stating he could beat Bolt in a sprint, Rondo responded, “Well, I wouldn’t back down. It just depends on the distance. He might get me in the 100 [meters]. I might get him in the 40, though.” 

As for LeBron James and Dwyane Wade- Rondo replied “Me” when asked who would win in a head-to-head, no dribble race. But it wouldn’t be an interview without the mentioning of foe Ray Allen, which seemed to be no problem for Rondo who when asked about a race with his former teammate, confidently said, “Oh, backwards. I’d beat him backwards.”

Check out the interview HERE (9:40)