PHOTOS: Clippers Dress Up As Men In Black, Hit Up Matt Barnes Halloween Party At The Conga Room

Here come the Men In Black, the entire LA Clippers team dressed up as the galaxy defenders for their Halloween home opener vs. the Grizzlies- but the night didn’t end there. Following the 101-92 win over Memphis, the team met up with Matt Barnes, who served his 1-game suspension last night, for his Halloween party at the Conga Room where “Snoop Lion”, who came as Blake Griffin?, performed throughout the night:

Clippers party at the Conga Room…

Postgame – Men In Black


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  2. Hapizzi

    11/01/2012 at 2:26 PM

    Snoop is such a cheap bandwagoner biache. Wasnt he die hard Lakers fan lastyear?

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