Mr. Whammy Says He Is Responsible For 5-7 Points Per Nets Home Game

Pro free throw distractor and die-hard Nets fan, “Mr. Whammy”, was forced to relocate his ritual in game performance for security purposes in the Barclays Center.  The 77-year-old lawyer  who has been attending Nets games for 15 years, puts a jinx on opposing free throw shooter’s and believes he is responsible for about 5-7 points a game.

According to the NY Daily News:

He stands under the basket after moving up from his front-row seat…and holds out both hands with index and pinkie fingers held upward like bull horns…then pushes his hands forward while placing the “Whammy” on players, calling them out by only their uniform number, even if he knows their name.

“They told me I was blocking the path to the emergency exit…They told me I was distracting the players. I said, ‘Yeah, that’s the point.’”

“Look at me, No. 21, look at me. You’re gonna miss, you’re gonna miss,” shouted Reznick, who believes he provides “between five or seven points a game” for the Nets in the form of missed free throws.

“I have a very nice average,” he said.

Mr. Whammy can now be found “whammying” the other team beside the media table.

Dream chasin'


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